Wideload and his Toys
I was born and raised in Paducah Ky. and still live about 10 miles from there in Kevil, Ky. I've had vans off and on ever since I started driving. My first two vans were first gen Ford short wheel base panels. Next I had, at different times, a couple of second gen Fords. Didn't really do much to any of these other than wheels and minor interior work.
Next was a 76 Chevy short bed with a 350 and auto trans.  It was shagged out on the inside with a fold down couch in the rear and captains chairs in the front. I got it in the early 80's and drove it until 91 when someone turned left in front of me and that was the end of that one.  I was van-less until I got my 67-90 in late 2005. That's the one that started my fleet.
I bought it just by looking at a few pic's and talking to the owner on the phone. It was listed on Craigs List in Portland Oregon. Just about the time it got to Paducah a friend found my 68-108 right here in town. I went to look at it the night that he told me about it and bought it. It was bought new right here in town by the local Budweiser distributor and you could still see the Bud logo on the sides. That was kind of an omen because my wife and I are both big Dale Jr. NASCAR fans and besides that it only had 98 thousand actual miles on it. Still had the owners manual and extended service papers in the glove box.
That made two second gen earlys in about a month but I still hadn't found a first gen (that's what I really wanted but there weren't any around here).
I retired from the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (maintenance mechanic) in 2006 after 32 3/4 years and decided to get a first gen for myself as a retirement present. It's the one I bought on E-bay from California. Everyone knows that these earlys are addictive so next were the two parts vans that I managed to find locally.
Nascar Fan
The two highlights of my early chevy vanning career would have to be #1 finding this site and #2 my trip to Baker's last year. It's really great to be a part of something this good and to get to know people with mutual interest from all over the country.
The trip to Baker's last year was really great. We made a two day run on the way up and stopped the first night in Ft.Wayne In. to drop off some parts and meet Savage. That was cool to meet someone that you only knew from chatting on the site. The next day it was on to Baker's and to meet G-Man. Chris took us out to breakfast then on to the show the next morning. At the show we got to meet several people from the site and really had a good time just hanging out and talking vans. That was really cool to see that many earlys in one spot. Hoping to make it back this year because I know that it will be bigger and better. There are a few car shows around here but nothing like the weekly turn out at Baker's.
Cleaning for the Trip to Bakers
Savage & Wideload
Road to Bakers
Owning three
early daily drivers
is some real good retirement therapy because there's always something to do to them
and the fun
  never ends!!!  


Most miles to Bakers