Nascar Fan
Vanish, pictured on the left with the "Blue No Door" (formerly known as the Radiator Van) shortly after bringing it home, has been in love with the Early Vans and working on them since before he was legal to drive.

A regular at VCVC, Vanish wondered why there wasn't a place for all the different makes of vintage vans to come together.
Thus the concept of was born and now lives today...
When Vanish was 17, his father retired and moved to Alaska.  Vanish inherited his business, a radiator repair shop.  Over the years Vanish built up the business working 6 days a week, with little to no extended time off.  At one point the business was so big he had 2 locations and about 20 employees.

All those years he never forgot about his vans and swore one day he'd get back to them.

Pictured is one of Vanish's first vans he got at about 16.  He and his buddy would lift them up and take them to the dunes around Glamis and the surrounding area.

Being one of the "first", he could never part with it even though for years he no longer had the time he wanted to spend on it.
Long holiday weekends
were spent in the
High Sierra's camping and fishing.

Another favorite pass time in one of his
favorite places on earth.
In 2003 Vanish retired from the radiator business and moved to Anza.  There he started a Recycling Center with his wife Christine.
RadiatorVan arrives...
Christine holding Dee Dee, Ben & Vanish
Father's Day 2006
His mom, Beverly with his kids
Ashlee, Heather & Blake
Vanish has time now, once again in his life, for his vans
Plus time to kick it
with the band!