there boys!  There's a Vintage Van style for each of us!
What's the "Spotlight"?
YOUR VAN on our Home page!

How do you do that?
I'm glad you asked!  Keep reading for the simple easy terms....
Does it have to be a
show van?    NO!
Does it have to be a
pretty van?   NO!

It has to be an
"A" - "G" or "E" series VAN, Econo or A-100 Pick-up or Corvan/Truck &
you have to be proud if it!
How long will my van be on the Home Page?
A week or so each rotation...
You will remain in rotation.... After your week is up, your van will go to the "end of the line" & the next van will be featured and so on....
How do I submit my van?
Send us a picture & a little something about it, bragging is good, and we'll put you in the slideshow line-up.....

Plus...Set you up in the Gallery if you haven't done that already!
Bragging rights will be processed in order received
Some of our member's vans featured in
the Home Page Spotlight....

Shouldn't your van be featured on the Home Page Spotlight too?
Pitch in for Gas