G-Man is truly the
Emissary of Good Will 
at VintAGE-Vans.com

He has greeted & welcomed each and every new member who has posted since we began this adVANture.  Always positive and upbeat, G-Man consistantly posts leads for parts and vans our members may be searching for.  Plus he is always thinking of ways to support the site and make it even better....
At Baker's of Milford
Gathering of Early's
G-Man puts on quite a show
for all who attend.

What started off as a few local vanners getting together at a local yearly car show has grown into much anticipated eVANt.
 Getting bigger and better every year, 2008 will mark the 4th Annual Gathering of Early's and now open to the "Early Enough" class.
Now in the words of G-Man himself...

My first van I hate to say was a 84 Dodge mini van.  It's when I had young kids and hauling them around. (it was a 4 speed though) I was saving to start a carpet cleaning business and at that time I was a Hi-low driver and whatever else I could do to make money. All my vans after that were work trucks for my business.
Here are a few pictures I could find. 
My 86 GMC my first cleaning van 
My 92 Ford cleaning van 
The first two vans were used. In 2000, got a 2000 Chevy cleaning van (sorry no picture) Thats when I started looking for something cool to drive.
I first was looking for a old bread style truck from the 60's and the idea was to put the business name on the side. Then I started looking at old vans.  I really didn't care if it was a GM, Ford or Dodge. And I had the same idea of putting the business name on the sides of it when finished.
I was looking at early's for sale on VCVC and seen this van with low miles  & good body that didn't meet the reserve. I called the fire dept that was selling it to ask how much they wanted for it. They said $4000.00. Now I had to start working on the wife.
Well the story short I got the OK to get the van. My wife has alway been on the fence about the van. She thought I was nuts wanting one of these square boxes and didn't see in her head what it could look like.  I think she was really surprized when I brought it home from the painter. Here are some pictures of my van most of you have never seen. This is what I started with... 
A lot of people wanted me to restore the old fire truck just as it was. Everything worked lights, sirens , PA, even had all the old radios in there. The siren was super loud too. Well that's not what I wanted and you have seen what it looks like now. 
Alot of people don't know that when I was driving it home it was February and in a snow storm.  I almost wrecked it about 1/4 mile from home that night when I went into a ditch and almost hit a big oak tree.
Heres a picture of the 69 with my 2005 Chevy cleaning truck when I first got it.
I am married for 22 years 
I have two kids, my son is 19
and my little girl is going to be 17 this year.(not so little anymore) 

My other hobby, besides trying to keep 4 arces of grass cut, is wine making.
Chris passed on 5/5/2014
he will be missed and remembered by many