Originally from Chicago, retired mechanic Donivan65 says
"life is good"... 

He and his van are well known on, for they both go above and beyond helping out Vanners in need.  Those looking for bone-yard parts, needing "how to" advice on repairs, who wondered how this or that worked, or just needed a smile that day have all benefited from Donivan's experience and willingness to help others.
Donivan bought his van in 1970 while he was still in the service.  He has said there are 3 things that his kids could always count on since they were small...  Their mom, dad and their red Chevy Van.
Unfortunately, in late 2003 a wildfire forced Donivan from his So. California home and he had to leave his van behind.  His home was spared but his van was singed.  Unwilling to give up on it, Donivan began bringing his van back to life in June of 2004.
By September 2005 it was ready for paint
Here we are today...
Donivan has built more galleries in our Member's Gallery
than any other person...

some that educate us, some that entertain us, some for other members, some about parts, some about events... but the ones I like best are the travel adventures...
Donivan is always the first to arrive and the last to leave at any local "parting"party!  And you don't have to remind him it's BYOT (bring your own tools) as he comes equipped for just about any task and photo opportunity.
the Man and his 65 Chevy Van

true ambassadors of keeping the Early's Alive & Rolling!