Nascar Fan
I started at 16, bought a 65 GMC handivan from my uncle Ken for 200 bucks. Which I had helped change the engine in the year before the hard way from underneath with a floor jack. I credit him with my interest from then on. My uncle Jerry had a 62 Econoline about that same time that he had made into a little weekend fishing camper, was pretty neat.
I never did get anything painted on it, was all spot primer and numerous old paint colors showing through. But you could fit 8 of your friends and alot of beer in it.
My wife, Deb and I have been together 19 years, we met the old fashioned way, in a bar.  She has been very patient with my projects and enjoys riding in the van, especially when we use it for flea markets and yard sale hopping.
My brother and I run a small aggregate/gravel pit. We deliver the material as well as supply the local contractors and local municipality. Along with doing some residential excavating.
Mostly because of our father, we have learned to repair, build and improvise.
(He kept bringing stuff in that needed severe fixing)
We have ressurected and built anything from Old tractors to the equipment we use at the pit, even built a sawmill (The plans were bar napkin style).

My personal projects over the years  have been a 68 Superbee/383, a 73 SS Nova/377, a 78 TA/455, a 71 4dr caddy, and a 74 2 dr caddy, and a 75 Sportster, 90 GMC cargo van and lots of other minor ones also, but thats history.
Now I'm back to my roots so to speak and enjoying very much tinkering and playing around with this old iron.
I'd like to thank Chris and Dan(gotavan) for helping to get me back into it.

From the Middle Of The Mit, Happy Vann'in

Joe Sweet a.k.a. Digz