Vanishing Breed
I am 62 years old and have been married to my wonderful wife for 42 great years. We have two boys ages 39 and 37 and a daughter 32 as well was three foster sons ages 27,25 and 23 and eight grandchildren..
My wife and 6 year old grandson with my 65 Econo.
Me Now
After high school where I graduated as valedictorian I went to college and my major was pre-med and minor was religious philosophy. In 1968 they did away with the student deferment for the draft and I was drafted on my birthday.
My wife and me when I was in the army
After scoring very high on the military's written aptitude tests my IQ was determined to be 139. I was told I could go into any field I wanted in the army if I re-inlisted for one extra year. They suggested military intelligence , The Special Forces and Officers training school. I opted to be a medic considering my college training. They said only if I would go to jump school and snipers training and go into a top secret training program for Special Operations. I accepted and on Christmas Day after my training I was ordered to VietNam.
I got married on a three day leave and landed in Nam on April fools day. I was assigned to MACV SOG (Military Assistance Command VietNam, Studies and Observation Group) Special Operations and attached to a CIA team. I was wounded four times the last time on Veterans day. I spent seven years in a wheel chair after that and that is when I got into vanning in 1973.
I am the one in the black hat
My first van a 1967 Dodge A100
I am a life member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart as well as several other veterans organizations. My first van was a 1967 Dodge.I joined Inland Vans Berdoo and am now Vice President of that club. I went to several hundred van happenings as we called them then.
After selling the Dodge I bought a 63 Econo and that is when I fell in love with Econolines. I have owned a lot of them and each was different. My Vanishing Breed was probably my best and favorite van. It won 16 Best in Shows and 48 trophies all together. It was in a TV commercial, on Pimp My Ride and in the movie Fast and Furious. I also had a small roll in that movie as an extra. The van was in magazines in the USA, Europe and Japan.
On the set of Pimp My Ride.
Vanishing Breed honor on a special Edition United States commemorative envelope
On the Cover of a Japanese magazine
I built my clubs forums site and am the administrator there. I also am a moderator on Truckin Magazines website where I promote vans every chance I get.. I consider myself to be more of a van promoter than supporter although I support them all the time. I go to a lot of cars shows promoting vans and I am in the Route 66 Hall of Fame along with the rest of my club. We are also honored with a plaque in the Hot Rod National Museum.
Our induction into the Hall of Fame
My favorite charities are Light House for the Blind, Crippled Children's society, Childrens Diabetes Research Foundation and last but not least any charity that benefits our disabled war veterans.
I have been retired for 6 years. I worked as a merchandising supervisor for over 20 years. I had merchandising crews and remodeling crews in Florida, Nevada ,Arizona California, Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensanada, Mexico where I was responsible for merchandising in 218 stores
My wife and I at our 30th Anniversary
A pic of my 64 Panel van
My 67 Eight Door
My 64 Eight Door
my 61 Econo pickup
My 66 "Sonofvanitch"
My 65 panel
my wife and I last year
My van with the President of Ford Motor Co.

My 65 honored on another US postal service Commemorative envelope.