I'm a 58 yr old guy whom happened to buy his first Van, right out of the service 36 years ago and still has it! Founded the first Van Club in Virginia Beach in 1974 where I bought the Van. Went on to help form Cleveland Van Association in Ohio a year later. Won my first Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1976. My Van has had numerous changes over the years, 5 different wheel styles, many different interiors, but still runs strong.
I met my GF Jewels on the net, and she has been a big part of my life for the last 13 years now and has been into Vannin as well! We by the way met earlier at a couple of eVants over the years, but never really knew each other till the internet came along.
She owns a 1967 Dodge A-100 8 door and I'm currently helping her transform it to show quality to her liken! I'm learning more and more of this styled Van, having been an Early Chevy guy all of these years. We work great as a pair, traveling to as many eVANts a year, as we possibly can.
Jewels & I have been really involved with Organized Vanning for many a years now & truly believe we will see a "Resurgence" of the 70's with larger attendance in the future for many eVANts!? I had a talk with George Barris a year ago, and he mentioned that he personally believes it is growing once again in California, from what he has seen!
Currently we write for the Northeast Ohio Van Congress, which we are members of. She doesn't surf the Van forums as much as I do, but I keep her abreast of current news and topics!
I also am the designer and builder of the Famous EconoBar! I built it as a project 7 years ago when I was forced to retire from a local steelmill.

I also paint Van signs and collect Van Toys and mags. I have a great collection in my "Mini Van Museum" located on Lake Erie here in Ohio!

Econobar visitors...Gary, Rollie, Jewels, Tom, Bev, Michelle, Blaino, Tina, and me (Howard Furtak). We represent Indiana, California, Oregon, Illinois, and England! On a return stop coming home from the US Van Nationals in upper state New York July 2010
Sunset at Rollie's
My slogan in life is "Vannin...It's More than a Passin Fad!"
We love our Vannin lifestyle and have hundreds of friends all over the world, thanks to the internet and attending Van eVants!

a.k.a. Kelso Nimrod

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